Important Terms and Conditions
Families and Children Attending
We are a family friendly business and we encourage families to teach appropriate interaction between children and dogs. You can bring young children with you to classes or 121s, however, it is your responsibility to keep them under control.
Handling and training a dog/puppy can be challenging and sometimes people can get anxious on the first week. We recommend you come on your first week without any young children and then decide if you think bringing children along is going to be beneficial and feasible for you, your child and your dog.
Other Dogs – Socialisation and Play
Don't allow your dog to pull on the lead and approach another dog. Firstly it's not good first learning for the dog to be dragging you to other dogs. Secondly if the other dog is nervous it will be overwhelming for them. Good socialisation is about positive experiences and learning to control social impulses.
Accessing the Venue and Respecting the Venue
Our training area is outdoors on grass and it can be slippery after rainfall. Please make sure that you keep your dog on lead and under control to avoid any pressure on your dog’s joints. Please help keep our training facilities clean by picking up after your dog. This way, we ensure that our training fields are kept tidy for all our customers.
Arriving and Departing
We have a 15-minute class turnaround time. You will be able to enter the field five minutes before your start time; we would expect you to leave after your class finishes to enable us to welcome the new class.
Due to the timeframe between classes and trainers needing to prepare for the next lesson we will be unavailable to answer many questions before and after your class. Please get in touch via email or message if you have any other questions about your training session or any other specific problems.
What do I need to bring with me?
Bring your vaccination certificate to show us. You will need to bring your dog on a collar or harness and lead. Extendable leads are not recommended. We do not allow prong, choke or check chain type collars or harnesses that tighten around the dog when they pull. If using a harness we recommend one with a clip at the front and on the back.
Bring a toy for your dog (not squeaky!) a blanket, poo bags and high value treats/food.
We recommend you bring some high value extra tasty treats and plenty of them, probably more than you think you need. We recommend JR Pet Products Pate or anything that is 100% meat. Alternatively, cocktail sausages, cooked chicken or cheese chopped into small little cubes. We recommend puppy training treats are no bigger than the size of your little fingernail. If you bring low value treats such as kibble you may struggle to keep your dogs attention and interest for one hour. Preparation and planning is an important aspect of successful dog training.
You may want to bring a snuffle mat or a stuffed Kong to keep your dog occupied during the session.
Animal Handling
We are a positive, kind and reward based organisation, anyone seen to be inappropriately handling their dog will be asked to leave, this includes any form of physical correction or manhandling of the dog. If you are unsure or struggling and we have not noticed, please ask for our help, thats what we are here for. We do not reimburse a refund if we have asked you to leave the class/121.
Infection Risk Dogs
As with any environment (parks, kennels) where dogs have been, there is a risk your dog may pick up an infection from another dog. Many illnesses have incubation periods such as kennel cough and a dog may be infected and contagious but not yet showing signs. If your dog picks up an infection, please do not bring your dog to the centre and contact us to let us know.
Bitches In Season
Bitches in Season are not allowed on the training fields.
If your female comes into season please call or email us and we will advise accordingly.
Payments and Fees
We are a professional organisation and payment must be made in advance to secure places for any of the classes.
Payment is for 5 consecutive weeks, which means that if you miss a week you lose it, we cannot carry weeks over or swap days. We believe payment in advance makes you commit to your dog and the training and means you do not miss out on important training and fall behind holding back the rest of the class. This also enables us to limit our class numbers providing you with a better service.
Fees are Non-Refundable, Transferable or Returnable within 72 hours prior to the course start date.
If you are unable to attend a class please call us or email us.
1-2-1 Training And Behaviour
Fees are Non Refundable, Transferable or Returnable within 72 hours prior to the one to one start date.
Filming and Photography
We will, during our classes, take videos or photos for social media. If you do not want us to film or take photos of you or your dog please inform us at the start of your course.
You are permitted to take photos and video of you and your dog during the classes. You are not permitted take any video or photography or voice recordings of other clients or the instructors.
Any footage taken during the classes cannot be used to promote or market other services or businesses.